During lockdown, Barn1920s has been closed according to the policy from the authorities. However, we are still running our coffee shop – Drip1920s and here is the menu for pick up and dine in.
Masks for everyone During this second wave of Covid-19 outbreak, we have shut down our hostel and keep the café running for takeaway only. The staff are still coming to work as usual, carrying the standard hygiene awareness. Despites the silences the city has become after announced lockdown. The staff are very energetic and eager […]
At Barn1920s we have our little coffee shop called Drip1920s. All guests that stay at Barn1920s are provided a special discount for every dish at the café. At Drip1920s, we have our coffee freshly made for every single cup. We are known for the classic drip coffee. Everyone will experience the taste of the vintage […]
In Barn1920s, we provide a common kitchen for the guests to cook freely on their own or with other guests, giving a warm atmosphere as if cooking with the family. With all refillable ingredients such as bread, jams, eggs, and instant noodles during the whole morning from 7:00am – 11:00am.  Besides that, the guests can […]
Sao, the Lao talented mural artist comes to portray his perceptions of 1920s via his mural painting on walls of BARN1920’s dorm. In the painting, as he perceived influenced by the time during 1920s specifically in the US which is known as the roaring twenties; The mass produce of inventions, cultures and music. As well […]
Relaxing vibe, a place to rest and recharge your energy yet is also another challenging and adventurous trip for foreigners to come – Laos. A small country in southeast Asia, a landlocked country or you could call it a transit place. While getting ready for a new adventure in other countries, you can spend your […]
As stated that the concept is to keep the guests feel like home when staying in Barn1920s. We provide simplicity in the house where all guests can feel involved as a part of the family members. Common kitchen, common area (patio), living room, acoustic night, movie night. Common kitchen is available all day to 10:30 […]