1920s Art

Jazz, Freedom

Sao, the Lao talented mural artist comes to portray his perceptions of 1920s via his mural painting on walls of BARN1920’s dorm. In the painting, as he perceived influenced by the time during 1920s specifically in the US which is known as the roaring twenties; The mass produce of inventions, cultures and music. As well as pop art, inspired by the use of complimentary colors or colors that contrasts each other.

The mural artist uses the technique of pop art in projecting the pictures of the roaring twenties. Inventions of cars, trains and planes were highly consumed along with ready to wear clothes, radios or record players. Jazz music and clothing styles have become the signatures of the 20’s, especially the “new woman” the definition of being more “free” from older generations. They were able to do things “unladylike” such as smoking, drinking alcohol as well as gaining the right to vote and playing in an important role at work. The 20’s perhaps is the beginning of the freedom to young people. After being able to own cars, the Americans started going out more often. In African-American community, Jazz was the most mainstream in the area and was named the “Harlem Renaissance”. Many fancy bars hired the African-American Jazz player to perform so the customers could feel the Harlem Renaissance without actually visiting. Slowly becoming more popular around the United States and marked the symbol of 1920s.

Harlem Renaissance
Sao, the Lao talented mural artist.